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How do I prevent damage to my HSBB equipment?

1) Do not unplug, bend, twist or place any weight on the Patch Cord which is connected to the Optical socket. The Patch Cord is a key link to enable signal coming in and out from your modem. Permanent damage to the patch cord will cause interruption of the connection and loss of internet and telephone services.


2) Do not switch off the modem as this will cause telephone and internet services to be interrupted.

3) Use UPS to provide you with power source during power supply outages. This will give you time to save your data.

4) Switch off and unplug your equipment from the main supply during bad weather, lightning and thunder storms.

5) Avoid placing the equipment in a room above room temperature level. Warm temperature can affect the performance of the devices (router and modem).

6) Do not spill any liquids onto your equipment.

7) Avoid placing the device (Wireless Router and Modem) near electrical devices such as television, microwave, refrigerator etc.

8) Always keep the ONT or Wireless Router clean and dust-free. Dust can cause the equipment to overheat.

9) Use a Surge Protector to protect your equipment from damage due to high voltage surge.


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