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How to check the speed of your bandwidth/internet

Follow the steps below to check the speed of your bandwidth:

  1. Go to and click "Speedometer" under Support.
  2. Once a TelBru Speedometer box appears, click “Begin Test” and wait for the results.

Tips for Accurate Bandwidth Test:

  1. Close down all your applications or download/upload activities before doing a Bandwidth test. Opening other application during the bandwidth test may cause inaccuracy in the results.
  2. Disable the WIFI on the ONT Optical Modem
  3. Connect your laptop/computer directly to the ONT Optical Modem using Ethernet cable to LAN 1 (LAN 2, 3, and 4 are reserved for other services).



ONT (Optical Network Terminal) - Optical Network Terminal is a modem that receives light signal fed from the exchange and converts into voice and internet services

LAN port - One of the service ports at the back of the ONT Optical Modem to get High Speed Internet (HSi) and IPTV (in the future).

LAN Cable - Network cable for wired network to devices.

VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol.

PON - Passive Optical Network.

WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network.

SSID - Service Set Identi_er (name of wireless signal con_gured in the ONT Optical Modem).

Surge protector - Designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes.

Yellow patch cord - Optical jumper from ATB (Access Terminal Box) to the ONT Optical Modem.

LOS Light - Loss of Service Light.

Tel1 and Tel2 - Telephone port no 1 and 2.

Modem - It’s a device where the source of internet is from Telbru.

Power Point Socket - A socket where you plug in your power cable.

Phone Cable - A cable connected to your phone.

Splitter - It's a small device which separates data and voice. It is always placed before it connects to the house and modem.

Phone Jack - A socket at the back of your landline phone where you connect your phone cable.

Ethernet Cable - A LAN cable that directly connects your PC/Laptop to the modem or router

Wireless Router - It’s a device which distributes your wireless connection

3 in 1 Modem Router - It’s a combination of modem and a wireless router


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