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How to take care of my Modem/ONT?


  • Use a surge protector in the power supply of the ONT Optical Modem.
  • Make sure to keep the ONT Optical Modem in a ventilated place.
  • Make sure to keep the ONT Optical Modem dry.
  • Make sure your telephone is plugged into Tel1 socket.
  • Make sure you disconnect the power supply during heavy lightning and thunder storms.
  • Avoid disconnecting the yellow patch cord.


  • Don’t cover the ONT Optical Modem.
  • Don’t place the ONT Optical Modem on a thick carpet (it will block the vent holes at the bottom of the unit).
  • Don’t unplug the yellow patch cord from the ONT Optical Modem or the wall socket.
  • Don’t bend the yellow patch cord.
  • Don’t put furniture or heavy items on the yellow patch cord.
  • Don’t spill liquids over the ONT Optical Modem.
  • Don’t use sprays on the ONT Optical Modem.
  • Don’t unplug or power down the ONT Optical Modem (unless during heavy lighting storm) as the telephone and HSBB service will not work without power.
  • Don’t look directly into the connection point.
  • Don’t touch the end of the optical connector.


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