What is Tourist Prepaid WiFi?

It is a ‘pay as you go’ WiFi broadband service exclusively for tourists.

Where can customers connect to Tourist Prepaid WiFi?

You can seamlessly connect your device at any TelBru WiFi Zone around the nation at various shopping complexes, businesses, cafes & restaurants.

Click here to check the nearest Nationwide WiFi hotspot.

How does Tourist Prepaid WiFi work?

In order to access the service, users would simply need to connect their device to the “TelBru WiFi” network, click on “TelBru WiFi Prepaid” and follow the login instructions provided.

Note: Users may refer to the Step-by-Step Login Guide for more details.

How and where can I purchase Prepaid Plan for Tourist Prepaid WiFi?

Tourist Prepaid WiFi Plans are available to users through a physical scratch card. Physical scratch cards may be purchased at specific locations such as TelBru Citis Square and TelBru Mall.

Please take note that this Tourist Pack will only be limited to Foreign Passport Holders*. You will have to present your passport when purchasing.

*Only Passport Holders with a work pass or work visa in Brunei with a validity of less than 6 months are applicable to this plan.

What Prepaid Plans are available?

Plan Cost Data Availability Plan Validity
B$ 10.00 3 GB 14 days
B$ 15.00 7 GB 28 days

Please take note that the expiry date for each Prepaid Plan is activated upon your first successful login.

What is your payment method?

To purchase the TelBru Tourist Pack, we accept payment via cash or credit card.

I’ve finished my quota; can I purchase the prepaid card online?

Yes, you can. However, you can only avail the normal plan rates:

Plan Cost Data Availability Plan Validity
B$ 3.00 Unlimited 1 Day
B$ 3.00 500MB 3 Days
B$ 5.00 1GB 3 Days
B$ 10.00 3GB 14 Days
B$ 15.00 7GB 28 Days

Note: Online purchases will carry a validity of six (6) months upon purchase. Upon activation, the Prepaid Plan duration will come into effect.

What happens when I finish my data on a purchased Prepaid Plan?

Once you have exceeded the quota limit, you will no longer be connected to the TelBru Prepaid WiFi service.

Why am I unable to login to the TelBru WiFi network with the given PIN Code?

The PIN Code is case sensitive and alphanumeric. You may need to check whether any of the following might have caused the problem:
• CAPS lock is enabled
• Typographical error

Note: If problem still persists, please visit to the nearest branch and fill in the Dispute Form. Our staff will replace a new scratch card for you.

What speed will I receive with Tourist Prepaid WiFi?

Tourist Prepaid WiFi offers users a bandwidth speed of up to 10 Mbps per device.

How many devices can I use to connect to Tourist Prepaid WiFi?

Tourist Prepaid WiFi is accessible for only one (1) device per PIN Code. If a PIN Code is currently in use, another device will not be able to connect concurrently.

What devices can I connect with my Prepaid Plan?

Tourist Prepaid WiFi supports all WiFi enabled devices that supports an internet connection.

I am unable to read the PIN Code as I have over-scratched my TelBru Prepaid WiFi scratch card, how do I retrieve it? Applicable if scratch card has a misprint

Kindly contact our Customer Care Centre 111. Provide the serial number of your TelBru WiFi Prepaid scratch card and the call agent will retrieve the given PIN Code. Otherwise, please go to the nearest branch and fill in the Dispute Form

1. Incorporate by reference
1.1. These terms and conditions are incorporated by reference and in addition to:
a. The TelBru’s General Terms and Conditions of Service,
b. TelBru WiFi Terms and Conditions (also known as TelBru Nationwide WiFi Service),
Which terms and conditions are deemed to be incorporated by reference, the Customer shall be bound by the following Specific Terms and Conditions.
These Specific Terms and Conditions are available on the TelBru’s website or can be requested on written request.

2. Eligibility and requirements
2.1. The Tourist Pack will only be made eligible to foreign passport holders.
2.2. Entry visa or re-entry visa to enter into Brunei Darussalam may be required prior to purchasing the Tourist Pack.

3. Items in the Tourist Pack
3.1. Contained in the Tourist Pack will be items not limited to:
3.1.1. discount vouchers from participating companies;
3.1.2. Places of Interest map; and
3.1.3. the prepaid card of choice
(herein referred to as “Items”) to be used and claimed within Brunei Darussalam only.
3.2. The Tourist Pack and Items contained in it must not be resold, repackaged, transferred or redeemed into cash or any other monetary value or products.
3.3. Other than the prepaid card, TelBru is not responsible for all other Items. Claims may be brought to TelBru’s attention if in the unlikely situation the discount voucher is invalid.
Note: When using the prepaid card, terms contained within the TelBru Nationwide WiFi Service – Terms of Use apply. Details on this may be found here
3.4. The Places of Interest map may vaguely represent where the main attractions or destinations you might want to visit. TelBru is not responsible for other details not limited to the opening times, accuracy of directions contained in the Places of Interest map.

4. General
4.1. TelBru reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions with/without notice. Any and all amendments made shall be agreed upon your continued use or consumption of the Tourist Pack.
4.2. You must not abuse, exhaust, misuse or otherwise take unfair advantage or actions to the Tourist Pack Items, or the participating companies providing those products and services.
4.3. The Customer is responsible for the safety or safekeeping of Items contained in the tourist pack as well as when consuming/claiming/using/purchasing any products or services of those Items. Any kind of loss or liability arising from your use of the Items be it from confusion, damage, theft, misuse or injury will not be responsibility of TelBru or its agents.