In joining hundreds of others across the country, Telekom Brunei Berhad today (September 2) observed the annual Hari Raya Aidil Adha observance in an event that took place at the company’s Sumbiling Telephone House in the capital.

Attended by dozens of staff including those who contributed to the sacrifice, the sacrificial meat was distributed to the needy represented by their village heads from the Brunei-Muara district as well as orphaned children accompanied by their parents.

A total of 5 buffaloes were sacrificed for the occasion, which was also participated by TelBru’s senior members of staff. On hand to present the sacrifice to recipients was the company’s Chief Information Officer/Chief Corporate Services Officer, Haji Halid bin Haji Mohadi/Hajah Rosmawati bin Haji Manaf.

As a company that emphasises solidarity with the community at large with a majority-Muslim workforce, the occasion befits TelBru’s core values that encourages its staff to positively contribute to society through integrity and respect, whilst at the same time emphasises religious obligations as part of day-to-day operations.

With quality at the helm of TelBru’s transformation programme that has seen steady improvements in the delivery of its services, the leading telecommunication’s company in the country recently succeeded in obtaining the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certification that aims to see consistency in meeting customer expectations with the ultimate goal of delivering unbridled premier products for the country’s population..

Today’s (September 12, 2017) ceremony witnessed the official handing over of TelBru’s ISO certificate from General Manager Ms. Evelyn Chye of BSI Malaysia - one of the official certification bodies for ISO - to TelBru’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. David Kay.

In attendance as guest of honour was Dato Seri Paduka Dato Haji Hisham bin Haji Mohd. Hanifah, Deputy Minister of Finance and Chairman of TelBru who also presented certificates to 92 members of TelBru staff in recognition of their significant role in ensuring TelBru’s compliance to ISO’s strict requirements. These individuals were tasked with identifying, forming, coordinating, and refining procedures in their own respective units.

Following in the footsteps of a number of international telecommunications service providers, TelBru’s ISO 9001:2015 (the Provisioning of Telecommunication and Enterprise Services) journey began last year in May with the engagement of experts that, over several months, facilitated TelBru’s ISO journey.

As part of this initiative and to facilitate its move towards the achievement of international standards, TelBru formed a new Process Improvement unit for the purpose of process documentation, process improvement analysis, organisational structure change, support-to-system development, performance indicator evaluation and process culture orientation. Among of their key tasks is the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) towards making TelBru ISO 9001:2015 compliant. Among the major components to the QMS is the introduction of a new quality culture throughout the entire organisation.

This success saw the consolidation of procedures across different departments and sections to better streamline operations befitting the company’s core values that encompass excellent customer service, teamwork, quality, integrity as well as care and respect for the community at large.

As part of its first quarter target for 2017, TelBru was required to adhere to the company’s finalised Standard Operating Procedures based on the six months of work invested for the ISO certification. Among the programmes in the lead up to this milestone to facilitate this realisation included several workshops towards understanding the very nature of ISO and being ISO compliant.

The company was successfully recognised as ISO certified in June this year.

As part of its ongoing recognition programme for members of staff who have shown dedication in their duties towards providing excellent customer service, Telekom Brunei Berhad yesterday feted 21 of the company’s heroes for their uncompromising commitment to provide quality customer service.

The TelBru Service Hero Award ceremony that took place at the Brunei Hotel in the capital is an internal platform aimed at recognising service excellence shown by the company’s staff in the line of duty.

The commendations for these individuals were based on internal and external factors. To qualify for the former, awardees showed exemplary and consistent quality delivery as Best Internal Service Support Partner, while the latter involved direct feedback from customers on Excellent Display of Professionalism and Handling Skills on the ways in which awardees addressed client concerns and the measures taken to resolve issues.

Among the exemplary feats that warranted this recognition incentivised by financial rewards, certificates and TelBru Hero badges include working throughout an entire night that significantly reduced customer inconvenience. The incident involved an accidental cable cut by a third party that rendered 600 subscribers without connection.

On hand to present the awards, which was witnessed by members of staff was TelBru’s Chief Financial Officer in her capacity as Acting Chief Executive Officer, Nurbahriah Eliza binti Abdullah.

Almost two dozen students from ITE College Central, Singapore were hosted at TelBru’s Tungku Submarine Cable Station today (September 21, 2017) as part of their educational stay in the Sultanate that has taken them to various areas of interest in the country.

Alongside two of their lecturers who travelled with the group of 21 students, the delegation were taken on a tour of company’s various facilities housed in one of the nation’s main telecommunication infrastructure that connects Brunei to the rest of the world. The briefings were conducted by TelBru staff that focussed on the technology behind TelBru’s services and the improvements that continue to be made to provide quality service.

From ITE College Central School of Electronics and Info-communication Technology the student are in the country under the auspice of the institutions ‘Overseas Cultural and Industrial Trip to Brunei’. The trip is aimed at inculcating appreciation amongst the students on the ways in which their technical training in ITE relates to the real world through visits to local Bruneian companies.

Today’s (September 21, 2017) group is the second such group from Singapore hosted by the company following the first hosting of their seniors last year in September.

As the premier telecommunication provider in the country with emphasis upon being a learning organisation and knowledge sharing with the younger generation, TelBru welcomes related learning delegations to be part of the company’s corporate values that supports life-long learning.