Eco-conscious subscribers looking to do more to save the environment can look towards Telekom Brunei Berhad’s (TelBru) Go Green initiative neatly consolidated into the My TelBru mobile and website application that simplifies user-friendly transactions, queries and upgrades accessible anytime, anywhere.

Since its launch in 2015, the My TelBru application has evolved to cater to the busy Bruneian as part of TelBru’s initiative in better accommodating the needs of its clients that encompasses day-to-day aspects of the company’s service. This, among others, includes the most utilised My TelBru features such as bill payment that provides real-time confirmation of transactions, bill viewing, data top-ups, as well as the Telephone Directory that takes mere seconds to access over a highly secure network.

These online features reduces the need to visit any one TelBru’s 10 nationwide branches that translates into better efficiency, whilst saving valuable time and resource without having to stand in line. Other accessible and easy-to-use features include viewing user’s broadband data usage and history, instant broadband plan upgrade, summary usage, TelBru’s Plan Wizard, status tracker, locations for TelBru’s branches and TelBru WiFi locations.

The My TelBru mobile application is downloadable for both Android and iOS users whilst the website feature can be accessed through any web browser with free registration. For more information, please contact TelBru Customer Care centre at 111 or visit any of its social media platforms.

The successful launch of Telekom Brunei Berhad’s Fixed Wireless Technology earlier this year, which resulted in the provision of broadband and telephony services in Brunei’s iconic water village in the capital recently witnessed the expansion of its coverage that continues to provide an alternative form of communication for residence within the various communities that line the Brunei Bay.

Strategically located, the base stations that hosts the company’s fixed wireless infrastructure provide coverage for areas that include Kampung Burong Pingai and Kampong Lurong Dalam. These villages join a wider network of earlier connections that make up 60 per cent of the entire area atop locations that are still connected through copper.

The technology behind fixed wireless omits the need for physical cable connection to homes and businesses that opt for the service. Part and parcel of this introduction addresses issues predating these wireless installations that included rampant theft of TelBru’s copper cables, activities of which rendered hundreds of residents without landlines and high speed internet access that TelBru provides.

Riding on technology unperturbed by weather conditions, residents within the radius can now enjoy a minimum 10Mbps bandwidth that carries the potential to reach 100Mbps at prices uniform to TelBru’s High Speed Broadband (HSBB) service. Apart from bringing Kampong Ayer into the 21st century, the technology also paves way for other utilities including the latest internet phenomenon under the Internet of Things (IoT) umbrella that TelBru continues to pioneer. This includes, but not limited to, Smart Schools, Smart Transportation, Smart Living and also for the purposes of security.

In conjunction with the upcoming festivities, TelBru has commenced its Zero Start-Up promotion for all residents in Brunei where TelBru will waive registration, installation and activation fees subject to terms and conditions as well as customer requirements.

Patrons looking to obtain more information are encouraged to visit TelBru’s website, or get in touch through any of TelBru’s social media platforms.

An approximate 100 members of Telekom Brunei Berhad’s male staff members gathered at the Royal Mausoleum, Jalan Kubah Makam Diraja in the capital today (June 14, 2017) in remembrance of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam’s late parents, Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Sa’adul Khairi Waddien ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam and Al-Marhumah Duli Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Damit binti Al-Marhum Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Anak Abdul Rahman.

The event, attended by Acting Minister of Finance II Dato Paduka Haji Hisham bin Haji Mohd Hanifah in his capacity as TelBru’s Chairman, included the recitation of Tahlil, Surah Yassin and Doa Arwah as part of TelBru’s yearly religious activity in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadhan.

Also in attendence were members of TelBru’s Board of Directors as well as senior management and staff. Apart from further glorifying the fasting month, the gathering is also hoped to encourage closer ties among TelBru officers and staff whilst gaining blessings from Allah the Almighty.

Telekom Brunei Berhad staff were deployed across the four districts in a movement that aimed to render assistance to some of Brunei’s less fortunate families comprising the elderly, the poor and needy, single mothers as well as those with special needs.

With cooperation from government agencies and concerned citizens who brought to light the plight of these individuals, TelBru distributed several basic necessities and Hari Raya hampers in hopes to alleviate recipients’ financial burdens especially for the upcoming festivities.

A total of 50 families totalling to over 200 family members across the country received visits from some 100 TelBru volunteers whose collective participation aided in the transportation and distribution of goods. In the weeks leading up to this event, members of staff also donated a variety of supplemental items that addresses other day-to-day necessities that include, but not limited to, school stationeries and uniforms, diapers, canned goods, as well as clothes.

Since the introduction of this programme, TelBru’s yearly Mahabah Ramadhan has since served over 200 financially challenged families throughout the country and will continue to do so as part of the company’s drive towards making a difference.

Patrons that have yet to register an account with TelBru’s ‘My TelBru’ online facility have been earmarked to participate in the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility campaign as a further incentive to support TelBru’s paperless initiative that was launched last year. Apart from reducing the company’s carbon foot prints for environmental protection, this social campaign will contribute funds from online bill payments from selected My TelBru users to aid some of Brunei’s underprivileged members of society.

The initiative, which will run through the entire month of June, is supplemental to the company’s yearly Mahabah Ramadhan CSR programme that allocates a dedicated amount every year for the distribution of basic necessities and seasonal items for the upcoming Hari Raya festivities to identified individuals ranging from the elderly, those with special needs and single parents.

TelBru’s Mahabah Ramadhan programme has since served over 200 underprivileged families throughout the four districts within the last four years, and will continue to do so as part of the company’s drive towards making a difference.

For more information, patrons are encouraged to contact TelBru’s Customer Care line at 111, or visit any of the company’s social media platforms.