Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) customers subscribed to the company’s home broadband service can now register up to five concurrent devices over Nationwide WiFi that will enable seamless connectivity to a subscriber’s post-paid home quota even when on the move.

The service, accessible at over 90 locations throughout the country, has the capacity to provide surfing speeds of up to 5mbps per device, making this facility not only convenient but also provides subscribers with the comforts of home.

The seamless log-in feature made its debut in August last year based on public feedback and was primarily geared towards providing hassle-free internet connection to subscribers. This feature allows users to automatically stay connected from one TelBru WiFi location to another for a duration of 30 days, after which a subscriber will only have to re-enter their log-in details to reap the benefits of staying seamlessly connected.

Customers looking to register with the service may do so at any of TelBru’s counters throughout the four districts.

About 40 potential young IT application developers from Chung Hua Middle School, Bandar Seri Begawan were given insight into the mechanics of Internet of Things (IoT) today (March 17, 2017) in a strategic move that aims to harness local talent as part of TelBru’s Smart Nation initiative.

Held in CHMS, BSB, the gathering brought together several TelBru IoT and expert partners from SAGEMCOM, LoRA Alliance and KONY all of whom provided students with hands-on experience as to the science behind 21st century solutions for global urban development.

Led by TelBru’s Chief Marketing Officer Lim Ming Soon, the one-day event focussed on basic programming lessons for the development of IoT sensors and mobile applications with the hope that such engagements can facilitate the growth of innovative ideas that carry commercialisation potential.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility towards carrying the nation’s ICT development forward through the country’s future leaders, TelBru remains committed in guiding and mentoring young innovators throughout the country. Today’s (March 17, 2017) boot camp is part of a series of previous and planned future events that targets children of secondary schooling age as well as those from higher education institutions.

Schools that wish to engage TelBru’s partnership in this particular fora are encouraged to contact the company at its headquarters or through any of TelBru’s social media platforms.

Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) has added to its portfolio of Unlimited Pass with the latest introduction to specifically provide for heavy users of popular mobile applications WhatsApp and Instagram.

The latest in a series of Unlimited Plans following the successful launch of Facebook Unlimited in November last year, these additional services for cross-platform WhatsApp and mobile photo sharing application Instagram are also geared towards allaying concerns of over-usage of broadband quota and at the same time ensuring TelBru customers that the company will continue to take proactive measures towards providing continuous quality service in line with increasing demand for data.

Similar to TelBru’s Facebook Unlimited plan that allows multiple users over a single network, these new plans will also provide unlimited upload and download activities including, but not limited to, videos, images, documents, video and voice calls, that preserves a subscriber’s broadband plan quota unless a user navigates away from these applications and onto third-party links.

Customers, both residential and business subscribers, wishing to acquire these services at no additional registration cost may do so over any of TelBru’s counters in the four districts for a flat monthly rate of B$4.00 per each plan that will reflect in a subscriber’s monthly billing.

For more information, contact TelBru’s Customer Call Centre at 111 or through any of TelBru’s social media platforms.

Four years after embarking on its transformation journey towards establishing an up-to-date communications network to better serve the people of Brunei Darussalam, Telekom Brunei Berhad has successfully surpassed its milestone target of 45,000 Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) connections by the year 2017.

From 36,000 in April last year, the company increased its capacity to accommodate the remaining 10,000 connections by January last month, bringing the total number of FTTH connections to over 46,000 businesses and households throughout the country.

The milestone marks yet another significant achievement in TelBru’s history since corporatisation in 2006, and FTTH rollouts later in 2013 that have offered improvements for TelBru’s customers across the board especially internet connectivity that, in tandem with this notable feat, now stands at a minimum of 10mbps attributed to the resilience of fibre connections.

With the rising numbers of FTTH connections, TelBru has also increased its capacity and is now able to attain an average of 21.55Mbps - close to par with the likes of developed regional counterparts - with the potential to reach 2.5Gbps for customers requiring such a service. Since introducing TelBru’s latest High Speed Broadband plans earlier this year, TelBru has seen an increase of 45 per cent among customers that have opted for the company’s 15Mbps service, which TelBru considers a healthy appetite for data among the local population and is committed to meet public expectations as the company moves forward.

In just four years since introducing FTTH to the country whilst at the same time modernising Brunei’s telecommunications sector, the country is better positioned to introduce added-value and tech-enabled solutions that TelBru aims to pioneer under the company’s Smart Nation initiative atop the backbone of long-lasting infrastructure and encourage Foreign Direct Investments to further diversify the country’s economy through the use of ICT.

In tandem with providing better internet connectivity, TelBru continues to focus on providing quality service to its customers through developing human resource capabilities, which now sees a more driven workforce committed to solution-based approaches. As a result of this transformation, TelBru has succeeded in improving the quality of service guided by the company’s core values that, among others, comprises commitment to excellent customer service, integrity and respect for the company’s stakeholders including the public in general.

Noting that more is still needed to position Brunei closer to its regional counterparts, TelBru will continue its investments in other forms of technological tools that have the capability to reach even the furthest of locations with the principle that connectivity should be made accessible for all in Brunei Darussalam while at the same time contribute to Brunei’s manpower development in the field of ICT.

As its commitment to Brunei’s Wawasan 2035, TelBru assures the Bruneian public that the company will, through dedication and time, connect the country in its entirety to high-speed internet and will continue to look for means to achieve such an ambition.

Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) travelled cross-country this week to shed light on its Smart Nation initiative with hundreds of students from Politeknik Brunei in both Lumut and Bandar Seri Begawan.

The largest number of targeted students thus far in the company’s drive towards creating a society of young technopreneurs in Brunei Darussalam, the over 1,000 potential young leaders attended to by TelBru over the course of two days were introduced to TelBru’s personnel responsible for spearheading this programme with emphasis upon the possibilities of Internet of Things (IoT) and the concepts’ contribution to the development of tech-savvy communities.

Part and parcel towards supporting Wawasan Brunei 2035 in general with specific emphasis on the development of well-educated and highly skilled people, improving the quality of life through ICT and contributing to the creation of a dynamic and sustainable economy, TelBru’s series of Smart Nation roadshows is slated to take place throughout the year focussed in the direction of higher education and secondary school institutions in the country.

Apart from presentations that elaborated on IoT-related developments both here in the country and overseas that showcases the latest in technology in co-creating a future of better living through tech-enabled solutions, the event also featured mini exhibitions on Smart Nation and TelBru services.

Education institutions eager to provide added-value educational experience on Brunei’s ICT development are encouraged to contact TelBru at its headquarters, or through the company’s various social media platforms for more information.