Telekom Brunei Berhad has been made aware of hoax telephone calls received by members of the public whereby alleged perpetrators have been recorded impersonating TelBru staff to gain access to personal documentation.

Members of the public who happen to receive such phone calls are cautioned against providing such callers with sensitive data that includes, but not limited to, banking account details and data that may reveal an individual’s personal identification including name, date of birth, passport number and Identification Card number.

Based on public feedback, the modus operandi among these alleged perpetrators include contacting an unsuspecting victim through their home telephones, allegedly informing victims that their telephone service has been hacked, subsequently instructing the victim to download an alleged anti-hacking application on to their personal computer and would then allegedly request for the victim’s debit card details.

TelBru takes seriously these instances of fraud and is actively implementing various security measures to safeguard its customers from any and all untoward incidences.

Those who have received such phone calls are urged to alert TelBru on its Customer Care line 111, or to contact TelBru through its various social media platforms.

Telekom Brunei Berhad’s Smart Nation campaign is steadily gaining momentum following the first flagship roadshow that took place earlier this year, with Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology opting to introduce the company’s initiative to its students today (February 7, 2017).

Ranging from possibilities in, but not limited to, agricultural, power management, disaster relief and healthcare solutions towards addressing global urban challenges, today’s roadshow focussed on the latest in technology that can be tailor-made into co-creating a future of better living through tech-enabled solutions with existing and potential applications in a variety of fields.

With the consideration that progress for Smart Nation requires consolidated effort across various stakeholders ranging from the private sector, to educational institutions and policy makers TelBru is encouraged by the positive feedback it has thus far received and expresses hope that more institutions will come forward simultaneous to TelBru’s own extended initiative to more schools.

Being the main telecommunication’s provider in Brunei that strives to continuously improve its services and infrastructure, TelBru aspires to become the pioneering solutions-provider in the country through the likes of Internet-of-Things and big data over the backbone of TelBru’s continuous Fibre Optic rollouts.

Today’s roadshow, which was opened with welcoming remarks from Nadirah Binti Jambol, CCCT Acting Director of Studies, also took the opportunity to introduce Brunei’s Smart Nation Online Community (SNOC) to encourage students to contribute their ideas, whilst at the same time exposing students to endless tech-solution possibilities shared by other members of TelBru’s SNOC comprising those from Brunei’s ICT community, researchers and general members of the public.

Several mini exhibitions were also established to provide students with the opportunity to engage with TelBru personnel. These exhibitions included awareness drives for several of TelBru’s services ranging from Nationwide WiFi to residential FTTH connections, TelBru’s bootcamp for app development as well as a ‘Virtual Reality’ experience area made available to students.

Schools that wish to engage TelBru’s Smart Nation roadshows are encouraged to contact the company at its headquarters in Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex in the capital, or through TelBru’s various social media platforms.

TelBru’s collaboration with Non-Government Organisation Brunei Council on Social Welfare (MKM) culminated in a day of shopping with 25 underprivileged children today (February 13) following a $5,000 handover ceremony that took place earlier this month.

The Corporate Social Responsibility project, in its third year running since it was introduced in 2014, aims to alleviate the financial burden faced by some of Brunei’s most vulnerable children. This year, the project focussed primarily on secondary school students with considerations being the need for more provisions for older children of schooling age.

The outing provided the children with the opportunity to select their own schooling essentials including uniforms for mainstream and religious school, shoes for both formal school wear and Physical Exercise and other necessities as the school year begins to intensify following the month-long break in December.

Several TelBru staff were assigned to recipients alongside MKM volunteers during the shopping run that not only provided support in making wise financial decisions but also towards inculcating the spirit of volunteerism among staff.

To date, the collaboration has aided close to 200 children of varying ages under the care of MKM.

TelBru’s New Year’s social media campaign to celebrate the country’s 33rd National Day Celebration cumulated with an award ceremony for Mohammad Azimuddin bin Januddin to recognise his winning entry in an event that was held at TelBru’s Yayasan branch in the capital.

From several potential entries throughout the campaign that commenced on January 13, the simplicity of Mohammad Azimuddin’s sentiments behind this year’s ‘Menjayakan Wawasan Negara’ National Day theme with his submission entitled “Future of the Country depends on Youth” is a reflection of TelBru’s own strong advocacy for youth participation in all aspects of development.

On hand to present the $1,000 mock cheque to the 20-year-old student was TelBru’s Chief Corporate Services Officer, Hajah Rosmawati Binti Haji Manaf, in the presence of TelBru’s members of staff.

A 37-member delegation from PGGMB was hosted by TelBru’s Telisai Earth Station today (Monday, Feb 13, 2017) comprising 34 students as well as their accompanying teachers as part of a scheduled study visit for the academic year 2017.

The group, comprising 13-year-old Year 6 students from PGGMB’s Sungai Akar branch, were given a tour of the facility that houses some of the most state-of-the-art technology Brunei has to offer especially in the field of communications.

From briefings of the facility to witnessing first-hand the use of fibre technology as part of TelBru’s day-to-day operations, the visit was part and parcel of the students’ Social Studies syllabus that introduces ICT to students whilst at the same time provide students with a clearer perspective of Brunei’s own ICT industry.

The company has accommodated, and will continue to accommodate, educational delegations from both local as well as international institutions. As the premier telecommunications provider in the country that encourages learning amongst the younger generation, TelBru welcomes related learning delegations to be part of the company’s corporate values that supports life-long learning.

In its continuous efforts to cater to the different needs of customers from at home and those from abroad, TelBru recently launched two more affordable Nationwide WiFi denominations in the company’s range of prepaid cards that aim to make surfing over TelBru’s infrastructure whilst on the go as seamless as possible.

The recently launched 3GB and 7GB options priced at $10 and $15 also offer longer validity that lasts 14 and 28 days respectively, and can be activated across any of TelBru’s over 90 strategic Nationwide WiFi locations. This include at the Brunei International Airport as well as major commercial locations throughout the country.

Simultaneous to availability at any of TelBru’s 10 branches in the four districts alongside authorised vendors, these pre-paid cards and the three pre-existing denominations are also made available for digital purchase through the ‘My TelBru’ app where a full listing of TelBru’s Nationwide WiFi locations can be found. The mobile application can be downloaded from iOS and Google Play.

For more information please visit or get in touch through TelBru’s various social media platform.

As its annual practice to mark Brunei Darussalam’s historical national milestones, Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) today (February 23, 2017) joined thousands of Bruneian’s and residents to commemorate this year’s 33rd National Day represented by a strong contingent of 118 members of staff.

Led by Nurbahriah Eliza binti Abdullah, Chief Finance Officer and Hajah Rosmawati binti Haji Abdul Manaf, Chief Corporate Services Officer, the 83 male and 35 female staff that included veterans, recent hires and also those about to retire converged before dawn in Bandar Seri Begawan following days of rehearsals and professional training.

Aimed at instilling patriotism among members of staff, TelBru’s yearly participation is testament to the company’s commitment in supporting Vision 2035 that, among others, values human resource participation in national development.

Telekom Brunei Berhad’s Smart Nation momentum is steadily gaining ground following the deployment of infrastructure that can enable ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) installation to address several urban development challenges solvable through the use of modern equipment with particular emphasis on LoRA technology.

With several base stations located in five areas namely Lamunin, Masin, Tungku, Muara and Pulaie that covers the majority of Brunei-Muara and out to sea TelBru has effectively set the groundwork for IoT-related solutions and sees initial potential in addressing real-life issues that include anti-theft of manhole covers, the smart monitoring of electricity and water consumption, flood monitoring capabilities, humidity and temperature gauging and also for use in agricultural purposes.

As TelBru moves forward with these technological realisations that can enable ‘Smart Living’ among the populace whilst providing value-added services in the field of ICT, the company continues to look for means to improve its ability to provide state-of-the-art technology to overcome current and emerging challenges in a variety of other fields such as, but not limited to, health, economics and education.

Not wanting to allow borders to impede TelBru’s ICT development for Brunei, Chief Marketing Officer Lim Ming Soon and other TelBru personnel earlier this week attended the World Telecom Smart City Conference in Taipei to explore diverse possibilities and IoT applications that have relevance to Brunei’s own development especially with TelBru’s continuous high-speed broadband network rollouts throughout the country.

Held at the Taipei World Trade Centre Nangang Exhibition Hall, the conference heard Lim Ming Soon present during the inaugural ‘TelCo’s Strategy and Planning in IoT Era’ segment that focussed on ‘Realising Brunei’s Vision through Smart Nation’ where Brunei’s own ICT progress was outlined among 19 other international companies that were invited to speak at the gathering.

Simultaneous to the conference, the 2017 Smart City Summit and Expo – dubbed the largest IoT event in Taiwan - also featured over 100 vendors that showcased Smart Nation applications for several Smart categories ranging from Smart Building, Smart Retail, green energy, intelligent transportation and even sleep technology.

The next few months is slated to see the installation of Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network for residents in the Meragang National Housing Scheme as TelBru continues its fibre rollout programme throughout the four districts.

Simultaneous to the initiative currently taking place for residents in the Bukit Beruang National Housing Scheme, tenants of the 1,800-home Meragang National Housing Scheme can expect the first active connections by May 2017.

The FTTH network construction for the area, which will subsequently offer High Speed Broadband (HSBB) connections for Meragang housing scheme residents, commenced in December 2016. By June this year each house in the area will be provided with both telephony and broadband connections ready to go “live” upon customer request.

In line with TelBru’s primary objective in providing reliable telecommunication infrastructure for the country, the rollout for Meragang National Housing Scheme occupants is part and parcel of TelBru’s initiative in encouraging the growth of responsible ICT usage in the country whilst at the same time promote TelBru’s Smart Nation initiative that is dependent upon consistent internet connectivity.

In tandem with rollouts in areas that have yet to experience connectivity, TelBru continues to replace ageing copper technology with long-lasting, and highly-durable fibre optics. The rise in this particular technology, which can last decades has recorded unprecedented speeds in several other countries - a feat that the company aspires to emulate for Brunei’s future as the country’s hunger for unimpeded data connectivity continues to grow.

As a means to enable efficient arrangements as part of Brunei’s infrastructural developments, TelBru has embedded staff with the Authority for Building Control and Construction Industry (ABCi) specifically for telecommunications planning for up and coming projects including plans for new housing developments.

For further inquiries, customers are encouraged to contact TelBru’s 111 Customer Care Centre, or follow the company through its social media platforms.